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SWAT team arrests domestic-violence suspect in Mt. Pleasant

Police take 20 guns from man's house



An accusation of domestic violence in Mt. Pleasant resulted in a SWAT team arrest and the confiscation of 20 guns from the suspect's home.

The victim says her husband, 54-year-old James Michael Dolan, attacked her around 1:30 a.m. today. She says she was going to bed when her husband tried to "hug and cuddle her." She told him no and went to a spare bedroom to get away from him, but she says Dolan followed her, held her down on the bed, and put what she thought was black electrical tape over her mouth. She said she thought he had rope in his hands as well, and she heard him say, "Be quiet. Shut up. I can snap your neck."

She got away and drove to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department headquarters, where she filled out a protective measures form. Officers drove out to Dolan's home on Linksland Road, where they knocked on the door and rang the doorbell several times before Dolan's 20-year-old son came to the door and said he had been sleeping. Police asked him to go get his father, and he went inside the house, came back, and told officers that his dad was in the bathroom. The officers asked him to check on Dolan again, and he came back "stating that the suspect was not coming out of the restroom," according to an incident report. A SWAT team arrived and took Dolan into custody, and police took 20 guns from the house "to be placed into evidence for safekeeping," according to the incident report. Those guns included five 12-gauge shotguns, a sniper rifle, a Romanian semiautomatic rifle, several hunting rifles, and six handguns.

Dolan was taken to the Charleston County Detention Center to await a bond hearing. The victim told police her husband was taking a new medication that made him sweat heavily and have breathing problems. She also said she thinks the medicine has been making him act "strange."

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