Welcome to the first ever, new and improved SWIG Guide. After years of publishing a tiny, pithy SWIG you likely picked up at area bars (Charleston Hottest Bartender contest ring a bell?), we shelved the old look in order to fully pay homage to the local kings and queens of cocktails in this city. There are just too many amazing bartenders in this city doing creative, delicious things with libations that our small scale SWIG wasn't doing them justice. What can we say? We love a good drink and we know you do to. So, with that in mind, we've put together an exhaustive guide to area bars in addition to some stories highlight the trends we're seeing in the city, things like that little guy to your left. Did you can get a badass unicorn cocktail (complete with nerd rim) in Charleston? It's true. And we've got the deets on where to track down that absurd sipper in addition to a series of other stories to peruse while you enjoy your next cocktail. —Kinsey Gidick