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Our annual guide to the arts of Charleston



When a talented pitcher arrives to play for the Charleston RiverDogs, we expect him to play his heart out, but we don’t expect him to stick around.

The RiverDogs are a farm team for the New York Yankees. The minor league franchise is a means to an end, from smalltown ball club to the glamour of the big leagues.

The same goes for Charleston and its artists. The city can be seen as a farm city for New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We raise artists, educate them, train them, encourage them. Then we often must say goodbye.

In this year’s arts issue, we explore one of the toughest decisions local artists will ever make — leaving home.

We turn to the future with a look at five exciting and inspiring figures in today’s art scene: a fashion designer, a poet, a choreographer, a TV actor, and a multimedia artist.

Upcoming seasons:


Charleston Symphony Orchestra


Charleston Stage
Footlight Players
Village Playhouse
PURE Theatre
Flowertown Players


Charleston Ballet Theatre

We know what it looks like, but what does it feel like to dance? We put the question to an array of dancers. Then there’s the art that happens every day; we just might not be aware it’s happening. And finally you’ll find our picks for the fall and a complete listing of events here.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
It's the question all aspiring artists, no matter where they live, must face

A Tough Choice to Make
Three Charleston natives give us their perspectives

Ones to Watch
The future of the Charleston arts scene

Dance, Dance, Revelation
Local artists tell us what it feels like

Art Happens
Even in the most unexpected places

Editor's Picks
The must-see events of the season

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