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The Banana Monologues

Riotous Revenge: When it comes to your ex, never ever forgive



The Banana Monologues
Wed. Jan. 14, 9:30 p.m.
Theatre 99

The Banana Monologues is a raucous, one-man play acted by John Brennan, written by musician Jason Cooper, and directed by Mary Cimino. It examines a lengthy and lost romance and all the down 'n' dirty fun, sex, heartbreak, and frustration involved. Brennan plays all of the colorful characters. Sometimes wearing an absurd banana suit. "The whole story is about one ex-girlfriend," says Brennan. "I try to get the whole audience involved. Often, I'll ask the audience to write something they might say about an ex, and I'll read off a couple to start the show."

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