The Ex-Bombers

When: Sat., July 18 2015

femme fatale and a film noir beat, 10 p.m.

Scott Walus and Keri Cousins met in college nearly a decade ago and started a jangly garage-pop band called Pat Boone’s Farm. But after four years of bright and bubbly, guitarist Walus and bassist Cousins devoted themselves to a different calling. “Keri switched to drums, and I went to an octaved eight-string bass,” says Walus. “We were chasing this sound, this sultry, seedy, menacing sound that could score a film noir or early Bond film.” The result is the Ex-Bombers, with its darker, femme-fatale, beatnik vibe. “We want to tell a story and lure you into our world, both sonically and visually, and tell you about our hi-fi approach to lo-fi situations. We try to embrace villainy in a manner similar to early Velvet Underground,” Cousins says. “We basically recreate the style and content of 1980s synth pop using 1960s instrumentation and vocals.” As for the name, Walus says it’s a statement on obsolescence. “In World War II, there were these amazing bombers,” he explains. “One day, they were deemed worthless and decommissioned. What do you do with a bomber in the jet age? Turn it into a swing set? A theme restaurant with a too-hip name? Recycle it into modular furniture? We felt like we were living in a world where we were obsolete with our penchant for writing letters, listening to records, holding photographs, and using tubes to amplify things. Rather than integrate, we decided to infiltrate.” The Ex-Bombers just released their second vinyl-only LP, Five Star Night, which was created sans a computer. “We recorded it entirely on open reel and mixed it to open reel in mono,” Cousins says. “We really engineered it to hold up to repeated listens, where it grows on you a bit more with each spin. It’s intentionally very different from our live show.” —Kelly Rae Smith SATURDAY

Price: Free

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