The Frizz w/ Brothers and Debbie & The Skanks

When: Sat., May 23 2015

rock 'n' roll, 9 p.m.

When guitarist and singer Rob Kampert first started the Frizz, it was a one-man project. Now he’s joined forces with drummer Ryan Fetter from grind-core band Strategic Warheads for a faster tempo and a more abrasive sound. “We’re channeling The Stooges’ screamy vocals, Mick Jagger, and OBN III’s … you know, real loud and in-your-face kind of music — the way I like it,” he says. As it stands, the duo have seven new tunes under their belt. “We have this song, ‘Pizza Pie,’ that’s literally about pizza. It’s just really stupid and silly and catchy — things I go for. The new stuff is a lot about relationships and money,” says Kampert, who often doesn’t write lyrics down. Even when thinking of the band name, it was off the cuff. “My hair was frizzy one day after being in the rain, so I thought that’s a good one-word band name and took off the y,” he says. “It’s easy to spell, easy to say, and easy to Google.” Kampert will be playing with a few of his previous bandmates from the Lean Few, Phillip and Justin Allen. The two brothers moved from Charleston to Atlanta and formed a new band with Fetters’ stepbrother, fittingly called the Brothers. —Kalyn Oyer SATURDAY

Price: $5

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