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Greater Park Circle Film Society hosts Lowcountry Indie Short Film Fest

Films by Song of Pumpkin Brown's Brad Jayne and Patrol's John Patton Ford



The Greater Park Circle Film Society is showing another round of indie short films on Sat. Oct. 10. Held at the Olde North Charleston Picture House, the Lowcountry Indie Short Film Festival will feature seven shorts from local filmmakers with possibly a few more to be announced. The films will be shown in two blocks at 5 and 7 p.m. The first block includes Vertigo, an animated film by Blake Williams about a man who spots a sniper during a presidential parade, as well as Le Croisement by Brad Jayne (Song of Pumpkin Brown). In Le Croisement, we follow a man who has lost his way in life and then finds it exploring the streets of France. The second block of films includes Patrol by John Patton Ford (See story at left). Several of the producers and directors of these films will be in attendance to discuss their work. Tickets are $5 per block and $2 for Film Society members.

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