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The Green and Bold get arty at 103

A review of the local band's latest gig



The Green and Bold
Eye Level Art 103 Gallery
Sat. Aug. 29

Eye Level Art's Spring Street gallery is emerging as a good venue, attracting musicians and an eclectic art and music crowd, despite the questionable neighborhood. On Saturday night, they hosted the album release party for The Green and Bold, with opening acts The Whisperjets, Rachel Kate Gillon, and Bill Carson.

New art from Helen Rice, Tina Christophillis, and Clint Fore cluttered the walls of the warehouse-style galley. A main stage featuring a display of three metal deer was set up towards the back of the gallery and double doors gave way to an intimate outside garden. The young crowd congregated outdoors for the first three sets and enjoyed the cinderblock stage, fish ponds, banana leaves, and surrounding historic roof tops. Rachel Gillon's one-woman show attracted the first crowd, and singer-guitarist Bill Carson's acoustic sounds kept the group growing and applauding.

By the time The Green and Bold set up on the inside stage, there were close to 200 in attendance, enjoying beer, wine, and cookout-style food. The art that had previously kept the mood relaxed was overtaken as the six-man, one-woman band stole the light.

The Green and Bold were a lively bunch. They persuaded a few attendees to dance around, mimicking the two lead singers — Dex Cox and Stephanie Something. The band used tambourine and shakers to add to the guitar, drum, keyboard mix, and offered up about a dozen or so songs from the new album Love, Luck and Regard. While the party seemed to be split between calm art lovers and loose music junkies, none left disappointed, except maybe those vying for a quiet night on Spring Street.

The Green and Bold perform at the Tin Roof on Thurs. Oct. 8.

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