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  • opened on June 22, 2009
  • closed on July 1, 2009

The heat last weekend was pretty miserable. What’s the best way to chase away those humid air blues?

Get a job for two days in the frozen food department at the grocery store.

3 votes (4.55%)

Bring the kiddie pool into the living room.

2 votes (3.03%)

Put ice down your own shirt.

2 votes (3.03%)

Go back to the office on the weekend — better A/C, and it’s free!

7 votes (10.61%)

Hijack the Italian ice cart.

14 votes (21.21%)

Use Feng Shui as an excuse to put your favorite chair and your side of the bed under the air vent.

2 votes (3.03%)

Pull out the Obama ’08 church fans and put them to good use.

2 votes (3.03%)

Naked weekend (as if you needed an excuse).

28 votes (42.42%)

Cold movie marathon: Ice Age, Day After Tomorrow, Alive, Batman and Robin.

6 votes (9.09%)

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