The Little Books w/ Stefanie Bannister

When: Sun., Aug. 17 2014

acoustic, indie, folk, 9 p.m.

After hearing the undeniable chemistry in The Little Books’ music, there’s no question as to why Robin Rütenberg and Rick Colado (a.k.a. Rickolus) happened to hit it off when they met at a house show in Jacksonville about a year and a half ago. “There’s a real symbiotic kind of balance between the two of us. Looking at what’s happened since we started The Little Books, we think neither of us could have done this for ourselves,’” says Colado, referring to the positive reception their garage-indie-folk-pop band has received. The Little Books blended Colado’s deep vocals and poignant lyrics, with the duo’s talents as multi-instrumentalists to create their glorious debut record Bridges and Empires. Already in the studio for their follow-up album, The Little Books continue to write new material. “It’s about writing songs and how songwriting is a sexual experience — not that we’re doing anything like that, but the lyrics are describing the process, and it’s pretty sensual,” says Colado. “I mean, it’s kind of like having a baby — writing a song. Sometimes there’s a spark, and sometimes there’s a product of that spark, and sometimes people really like it.” —Michaela Michienzi SUNDAY

Price: $5

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