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Photos: The Mill channels the T-Birds

Very Vintage V-Day



The Mill was a 1950s-enthusiast’s dream on Sunday night, bringing to mind the kitschy cult classic, Grease. Between burlesque dancers, a kissing booth, plenty of booze, and the smell of cigarettes floating in the air, the Valentine’s Day Sock Hop was reminiscent of a place the T-Birds would’ve flocked to.

Antique cars lined the walk in front of the Park Circle bar while more ladies than gents dressed in their favorite '50s-inspired clothes inside. It was a little disappointing not to find more patrons in costume, but those who did participate carried the vintage look well. At the center of the event, The Lowcountry Highrollers had a table of goodies and even provided their lips for the kissing booth (all proceeds benefiting the American Heart Association).

The place was packed with Rizzo and Marty look-a-likes (not quite the scene for Sandy) and patrons playing pool — who seemed slightly oblivious to the costumes around them. The pin-up photography was a continuous hit, with hairspray and thick make-up out in full force. Although the Highrollers pulled out all the stops for their share of the evening, the ladies who really stole the show were the burlesque dancers. Bizarro Burlesque, along with a few out-of-town guests, turned heads all night long with their sexy routines. The eclectic crowd shared the love in this event for all kinds of valentines, lovers and haters alike.

Photos from the Valentine's Day Sock Hop at The Mill in Park Circle on Feb. 14, 2010.

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