The Oarsmen w/ The Dunder Chiefs

When: Sun., Nov. 3 2013

indie, 9 p.m.

The Oarsman’s Marcus Christopher Maloney wrote an entire album after a particularly bad breakup. That’s not uncommon. The annals of pop music are filled with dump-rock classics, but Maloney’s story is a little bit different. After he started putting some tracks online, he got discovered, more or less, by NPR — yes, NPR — and so he formed a band with a few friends. However, the Oarsman is a pretty pliable lot. “The group seems to be a rotating cast of ruffians. Sometimes there’s four. Sometimes there’s just me,” Maloney says. “Anyone who is crazy enough to want to go on tour with us is welcome.” But make no mistake, Maloney and his mates are dedicated to their music. “We all quit our jobs and gave up our apartments for this. We are called to do this and love every minute of it. Music for us is an insatiable entity, one that must be tended to, cared for, and continuously expressed.” He adds, “Nature, family, faith, girls — life is a wild cornucopia and without music to sort us out, we’d be a mess. At least this way, we’re a happy mess.” —Tamara Younkins SUNDAY

Price: $5

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