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The perfect summer lunch in Charleston

In search of chilled soups



When it's so damn hot outside, light and fresh is the order of the day, and my favorite summertime dish (second to a tomato sandwich) is a chilled soup. The other day, The Glass Onion in West Ashley featured a creamy and cool corn soup, topped with a couple chunks of avocado and a drizzle of oil. And it was perfectly filling — not too light but not too heavy.

The chilled cucumber soup at G&M/Fast & French is a regular favorite that appears in the warmer months. Heavy on the dill and yogurt, the soup comes in a deep bowl and is perfectly paired with a crusty baguette and French cheese. Or you can keep it really light and get some fruit on the side. I prefer the cheese — and the wine.

In addition to their massively satisfying Mediterranean Plate (baba ghanoush, hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, couscous, pita, olives, pepperoncini), Papa Zuzu's has a stellar gazpacho that never fails to make me happy, particularly when it's the height of tomato season.

During the month of June, Ted's Butcherblock is featuring a chilled pea, mint, and ricotta soup. It's teeming with pea but has a nice minty zing and salty tang from the ricotta.

You can also count on Five Loaves to have a couple of chilled soups during the summer. They've been featuring a Southwestern cucumber and lime soup along with a breezy melon and yogurt blend.

Have you encountered any cold soups? Let us know, and we'll keep a running tally of where to score a cool, refreshing summertime lunch.

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