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The Ridonkulous Summer Guide

Lists, lists, and more lists of fun things to do

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For Brian Wilson, it was a little deuce coupe. For the Dead Milkmen, it was a bitchin’ Camaro. And for Tigra and Bunny, it was a car that goes boom. Yep. There’s something about a sweet ride that inspires a good song. And while few of us at the City Paper can actually play an instrument — much less write a song ­— we do know how to string a few words together. And right now, we’ve got cars on our minds, especially Donks, those massive, uniquely decorated behemoths you see cruising the Holy City roadways. There’s an emerald green boat that is particularly sweet, a Pittsburgh Steelers-inspired goliath that’s a real charmer, and one auto that looks like a pack of Skittles on four wheels. Be on the lookout for them all. But first, take a gander at our annual Summer Guide. It’s packed with one ridonkulous list after another.


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