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The Road Between

When: Thu., Sept. 6, 5-8 p.m. and Sept. 6-Oct. 7 2018

In collaboration with the Charleston Arts Festival, The Road Between is Sara Pittman’s first solo show with Beresford Studios. As an abstract expressionist painter, Pittman will be displaying a body of work that focuses on process as the subject matter. Pittman works with canvases that sometimes extend up to six feet long. She says her work “derives from an exchange between my repressed state of mind and my conscious. The two are forever interweaving, as I go back and forth from an intuitive position to a place of clarity.”

Deliberate mark-making, passive and aggressive gestures, layers upon layers of paint poured and brushed, the quick jet of spray paint, and the definition of shapes all make up a complex system for her to excavate. Adding and painting over until a wordless narrative forms, her work reveals the history of her thought processes and emotions through dense layers.

“All moments in my life that have left impressions on me make their way onto the canvas, so in a way it becomes very much my own story. The depth of my work creates an experience by asking those viewing it to come closer and unveil what’s buried beneath. I paint in the hope of creating a moment of pause for the beholder, an invitation to a world that beckons deeper observation.”

Price: Free to attend


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