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The Round-Out: Charleston in the News

Family Circle Injuries, Nobel Scientist Obit, Jim DeMint Starts Engines, Tourist Praise, and So Gay Cities

A few items from over the weekend to make note of:
• Vera Zvonareve has pulled out of the French Open due to an ankle injury at the Family Circle Cup in April.
• Nobel Prize winner Robert Furchgott, a Charleston native died late last week. His work led to a number of breakthroughs regarding cardiovascular disorders, memory loss, and erectile dysfunction.
• Sen. Jim DeMint, a South Carolina Republican and pride of the Nascar dads, was scheduled to wave the green flag in Charlotte on Sunday.
• Traveling arts columnist Howard Kissel is having a blast in Charleston during the Spoleto Festival.
“Dignity is not a word you often see in conjunction with an American city, but it seems inevitable to describe Charleston.”
• South Carolina’s issue with gay tourists is back in the spotlight as other cities, including Baltimore and Seattle, are putting big money into the resilient niche market.
“In times like a down economy, this market is more ready to travel, and we need that,” said David Blandford, spokesman for the Seattle Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

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