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Saturday's inaugural ChazzFest: The Charleston Music & Heritage Festival was a day-long lineup of live music at Daniel Island's Family Circle Tennis Center. Featured local and national acts such as Al Green, The Drifters, Leslie, and Buddy Guy were treated to beautiful weather and plentiful crowds. The venue consisted of four stages set up throughout the grounds and staggered performances, so that concertgoers could enjoy all of the shows without missing anyone. Showcasing the Lowcountry's cuisine and art was the "Artisan's Wharf," with vendors selling everything from kettle corn to jewelry.

Later that evening, artists gathered at Cumberland's for The Suitcase Show. Granny's Goodies donated 30 vintage suitcases for the event, which were then turned into artwork by participating artists such as Philip Hyman, Jonathan Nicholson, and Phillip Estes. Performing throughout the night were local musical acts Lindsay Holler, A Decent Animal, and Sleepyhead.

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1. Carrie Metts gets decorated at the "Pirates Playground" at ChazzFest 2. Lindsay Holler performs at The Suitcase Show Saturday night at Cumberland's 3. A Decent Animal's Jonathan Nicholson and Richard Weld with David Linaburg 4. Eleazar Cruz's suitcase artwork at Cumberland's 5. The Drifters perform at ChazzFest Saturday afternoon 6. Geoff Cormier's shadow puppet suitcase 7. The Michelob Stage at ChazzFest 8. Mandolinist Sam Bush at ChazzFest 9. ChazzFest organizer Rick Jones and his wife Charlotte 10. Local act Cary Ann Hearst performs on the City Paper's stage

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