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How ’Bout Them Apples?


The all-glass storefront of the new Apple shop on King is a graffiti artist’s wet dream, a clean surface to paint on — not that we advocate that kind of behavior. And on Friday night, the store glowed like ET’s finger, thanks to all the lights that had been turned on inside the shop. (Screw you, Al Gore.) While on my end-of-the-week barhopping bike tour, I did a drive-by of the new store and chatted with the folks in line as they waited for Saturday’s grand opening. Turns out some were paid place holders, but most were in line to get their tech-grubby fingers on the iPhone and the highly prized free T-shirts the store was handing out the next morning. During the wait, geeksters bonded, networked, and Twittered away. When it was time for the grand opening, I was sound asleep in my bed, while Apple devotees enjoyed muffins, OJ, and the smell of brand new electronics. ET iPhone home. —Svetlana Minx

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