The Secret in Their Eyes (El secreto de sus ojos)

Rated R 156 min. 2010

Benjamin Esposito (Ricardo Darin) is at the end of his professional career as a court investigator, but he remains haunted by one case. In 1974, he was assigned to investigate the vicious rape and murder of a lovely young woman Liliana Coloto. It is a crime that has stuck with him for 25 years, refusing to release its grip on his consciousness. Facing retirement, and more than a few regrets, Benjamin is struggling to write a book about the case and to track down the prime suspect. Director Juan José Campanella’s film flashes back and forth in time, between the regret-sodden Benjamin remembering not only that life-changing crime, but the woman, Irene, he loved but let get away. The Secret in Their Eyes is about one man’s obsessive, all-consuming quest. The Secret in Their Eyes is a strangely conflicted film. On one hand, it features the kind of salacious, sexually exploitative visuals and implausible, dramatic content seen in weekly television crime dramas. In a film capable of insulting the intelligence of many thriller fans, during the flashbacks, Benjamin pieces together some absurdly obvious clues in order to hook his killer. It hardly comes as a surprise that director Campanella’s resume is filled with directing credits on Law & Order and House. In its worst moments, The Secret in Their Eyes is a ridiculously calculated bottom of the barrel crime drama.

Film Credits

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Director: Juan José Campanella

Writer: Juan José Campanella

Cast: Ricardo Darín, Guillermo Francella, José Luis Gioia, Javier Godino and Pablo Rago

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