The Specs

When: Fri., Oct. 18 2013

indie pop/rock, 10 p.m.

Sometimes the music of Charleston’s the Specs is gentle and sad, like a melancholic lullaby. Other times the band’s songs are as unpleasant as having a hangover at a rave. This long-running local act — featuring Eric Galloway, Steve Tirozzi, Brett Nash, and Shawn Krauss — has apparently mastered the art of keeping a low profile, but they’ve got the psyche-pop goods. There’s no doubt that these guys are inspired by the Beatles and Radiohead. In fact, their “You Don’t Know Who You Are” sounds like a long-lost Paul McCartney-ELO collaboration, while “Killing a Bird” could easily be found on a never-released EP by Radiohead, recorded sometime between Pablo Honey and The Bends. And then there’s the punkish rave of “Annabel Lee,” which has shades of the Clash, Queens of the Stone Age, and the rowdiest Americana band you’ve ever heard. Here’s hoping they record some new tracks soon. —Stephen Pappas FRIDAY

Price: $5

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