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According to some estimates, there are over 37 million blogs online. I have no idea how many of those are posted here in the Lowcountry; you can Google or Yahoo your fingers off, but there's no easy one-stop shop that lists all blogs by geographical region.

So in order to keep this little corner of the City Paper as fresh as K-Fed's next fly jam, and to keep from talking about the same sites over and over again, I'm asking you to help me in my quest to cover Charleston's corner of the interwebs. Send me links to your site, your friend's site, and that guy's podcast you listen to every day at work instead of doing your job. Just one thing, though — they have to have ties to the Lowcountry.

For example, Vivian (fake name alert) is living in the Bluegrass State right now, but she started a blog to document her move from Charleston to Hawaii (

Or my buddy James (a.k.a. Captain Patagonia), who blogged while hiking the Appalachian Trail in '04 — then kept on rolling all the way to Los Angeles (

That said, show me what you got, Charleston. You know you want the world to read what you've written — or you wouldn't have posted it on the net, right? If you wanna keep blogging anonymously, though (like my favorite anonymous non-Charleston blogger,, just let me know and I won't use your name. Pinky promise.

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