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Blogging gangs and a traveling podcaster roam the Lowcountry



When I first came across the Holy City Bloggers and The Frogman, I felt the need to call the Justice League, the Sharks and Jets, and/or Team Aniston, and let them know of a mighty force amassing along our shores.

The Holy City Bloggers (or HCB if you're down) are comprised of 15 bloggers from every walk of life in the Lowcountry — writers, photographers, an actress, and MUSC students, among them. They should be considered armed (with cameras and recorders) and are dangerous to no one. Here's a look at a few of the HCB suspects and the newest Charleston podcaster:

Mustang Rolling ( MR rolls around the Carolinas in his four-wheeled steed, taking photos and posting thoughts on his journeys. MR claims that the car came to him at the perfect time in his life. He muses, "Earlier on, it would have wrecked me, and I it." Great site with some good commentary, and unless you've got a sticker of Calvin peeing on the Ford logo on your truck, you'll find some intriguing photos here, too.

Gene's Public Domain ( Gene Glave recently had a Critics' Pick of Best Spirit in this paper for her community theatre work. I've never met her, but after reading a handful of her posts, I'd be willing to second that vote. With a rapier wit ("Thankfully I don't look as awful as I thought I might. I sort of resemble Mr. Spock's sister.") and an honest voice, Gene's been blogging since 2004 — and chronicling her recent battle with cancer since January of this year.

MUSC Tiger ( The MUSC Tiger is run by three MUSC students. Topics range from politics, to the day-to-day life of a med student, to the celebration of Chuck Norris' birthday (you missed it, but he'd still appreciate an e-card, I'm sure). Think Grey's Anatomy with a local flavor, and no bombs in body cavities. Check out Dr. McNinja while you're there — it's a friggin' scary cartoon...

The Frogman Chronicles ( The Frogman Chronicles is the Charleston area's newest podcast (as far as I know). His topics run the gamut. For example, he posted a "snowcast": an audio snowboarding trip to Breckenridge, Co., he's railed against "intelligent design," and in his most recent episode, "Floodcast," he takes listeners on an audio tour of his home and the water damage it suffered due to a massive leak while he was on a trip to Jackson Hole, Wy. If you're a Folly Beach local, you'll probably dig this show.

The Department of Homeland Security has yet to recognize these non-threats, but rumor has it that Mayor Riley has asked for a population and income inquiry into the HCB; if they're large enough, he's gonna annex 'em. You're safe for now, Frogman. For now.

More geek for you next week, when I cover more of the Notorious H.C.B. and local podcasters. Keep sending your stuff to

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