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These frozen drinks around Charleston will cool down your 90-degree summer

Worth the brain freeze


Is there anything more tempting than a frozen drink? For us, it holds an inescapable allure — we know we shouldn't, but we do anyway. Ordering a frozen drink can be a dangerous game, aside from the brain freeze, there's also the next day headache, the hidden sugar ... But on any day 95 degrees or hotter, you'll find us at the bar, frozen drink in hand, basic status-be-damned.

Here are a few of our favorite drinks to score on and off the Charleston peninsula that are worth the brain freeze.

Home Team BBQ's Game Changer

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Orange and pineapple juice, some coconut, and a whole bunch of rum? If your idea of a good time is tasting the tropics, this is right up your alley. ($9-$11)

Home Team Irish Coffee

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What can we say, three (more) cheers for Home Team. Made with Vietnamese iced coffee and a mix of Tullamore Dew whiskey and Hoodoo, Home Team's Irish coffee is topped with some cocoa nibs and smoked salt. ($10-$12)

Leon's frozen gin and tonic

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Leon's, known for their fried chicken and oysters, has a cult favorite on their menu: a frozen gin and tonic. The drink tastes clean and refreshing and not overly sweet. Think a more sophisticated, grown up rosé. ($10)

Minero's Frozen Marg

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Sure, you can get a frozen marg at most Mexican joints, but we guarantee they won't be as delightful as Minero's. Made with blanco tequila, lime, and agave, this isn't the sugary cold syrup you may expect from a frozen rita. Add a salt rim if you know what's good for ya. ($11)

Taco Boy's Frozen Screwdriver If you want something frozen, Taco Boy has a variety of options for you. We'd be remiss not to mention their frozen margaritas, which always get a "duh" from us. But there's something about their frozen screwdriver, which is made with fresh squeezed orange juice. Add a shot of Grand Marnier for $2 and phew, you've got a bomb ass beverage. ($7)

Kaminsky's Adult Milkshakes

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We are here for Kaminsky's wide array of boozy adult milkshakes, all $10, all with a vanilla bean ice cream base. Try the Wake Up Call with Van Gogh double espresso vodka and Irish cream; the Dreamsicle with orange vodka, Licor 43, and orange; the Yellow Jacket with Wild Turkey American Honey and house-made caramel sauce; the Brandy Alexander with Paul Masson brandy, Dubouchett banana liqueur, and chocolate syrup; and the Jimini Cricket with Godiva chocolate liqueur, mint, and Oreos. ($10)

Wiki Wiki Sandbar's Pineapple Incident

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We've had our fair share of rum drinks at Wiki Wiki, and this one may just be our favorite, especially on Sunday Rumday. The Pineapple Incident is made with Jamaican rum, whipped cream, and pineapple Dole whip. ($12)

Uptown Social's Wall of Frozen Delights

Four frozen drinks will get you through an afternoon of sportsball watching at Uptown Social. Try the Dark & Slushy with Cruzan dark, Cruzan light, fresh pressed ginger juice, and fresh lime; the High Noon Grapefruit Frosé; the Day Rager with Tito's and energy drink; and perhaps our favorite, the Paloma-Rita, with El Jjimador Tequila, fresh lime, and grapefruit. ($7)

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