Special Issues » 2008 Charleston Comedy Festival

They Love Oprah

And PBR, too


Wed., Jan. 16, 8 p.m.; $5; Theatre 99; www.charlestoncomedyfestival.com

Though we're deep in the heart of the South, you don't see a lot of rednecks walking around Charleston — at least not by South Carolina standards.

So Neckprov is here to fill that gap.

The seven-member group, created by Theatre 99's Greg Tavares and Brandy Sullivan about six months ago, does a combination of scenes very much aligned with the redneck point of view. In other words, you'll hear plenty of talk of incest, PBR, and mayonnaise sandwiches.

But just when things start to seem too predictable, Wildman and Ray Ray start discussing nuclear physics or the latest book in Oprah's Book Club.

Jason Groce, Brian DeCosta, David Roach, R.W. Smith, and George Younts make up the rest of the country-fried troupe.

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