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Wellspring Fitness, the private personal fitness studio at 207 East Bay St., offers an alternative for those who are a bit gym-shy but are looking to improve their overall health through exercise and nutrition adjustments. “GET REAL!” is a six-week personalized weight-loss program limited to 20 participants — each individual pays $99 for fitness instruction by Debra Carrier, M.S., and nutritional analysis and a weight loss plan engineered by Jeff Johnson, the owner of Wellspring Fitness. The classes are held each Thurs. at 7:15 p.m. starting Feb. 8; for more info or to sign up, contact Johnson at 727-9900 or .

And the Award Goes To...
Local fitness instructor and V health club co-owner Tracie Long recently got a hearty handshake from the editors of Health magazine, who awarded her Tracie Long Training Endurance for Movement “Best Strength” fitness DVD in their Best of Fitness 2007 issue. Long, who graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in exercise science, is no stranger to the fitness video world, having been one of the first instructors featured in the South Carolina-based The FIRM video series. Today, she instructs at V and hosts the Tracie Long Training videos, which are available for purchase at, an interactive website where fellow fitness enthusiasts can trade tips on nutrition, workouts, and more in the member community forums.

Work Out, Sync Up
Nearly everyone, from your health-conscious grandma to your hoops-shootin’ little brother, prefers to pair their grunts with the rhythm of some great workout music. Nike+, the interactive project designed by Nike to sync with the iPod Nano, recently put out the second in their series of custom-created mixes from well-known techno artists. The first one, released last summer, was put together by the Crystal Method; last October, Nike+ released another mix on their website and on iTunes from James Murphy, better known as the mastermind behind LCD Soundsystem, who includes running in his regular Jiu-Jitsu training. The track, entitled 45:33, costs $9.99 at iTunes and is designed to accompany, as you might have guessed, a 45-minute and 33-second workout complete with a warm-up phase, an intense middle section, and a few interspersed cool-down bits. So if you’re tired of listening to that old mix you made back when “Work It” was still on the radio, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Visit to learn more about the Nike+ initiative.

Although they didn’t receive much exposure in the Lowcountry until they appeared out of nowhere and ponied up the cash for last September’s inaugural Chazzfest, partially Lowcountry-based Digital Lifestyle Outfitters have had their wide range of computer and digital music player accessories in national and international stores since their 2001 founding. They started with a simple idea — a sport case for the iPod, designed to make it more user-friendly for those who use their digital music players in vigorous activities — and has blossomed into an entire line of hardware (home docks for Zune and iPod, iPod boomboxes, etc.), cases and clips, and cables, chargers, and connectors. To shop online, cruise over to and click on “Products,” call (866) 800-4763, or click on the “Where to Buy” link on the DLO website to see a list of all the national retailers that carry DLO products.

Having trouble finding a running shoe that holds up the parts of your feet that need it most? Or one with a width suited to your feet? West Ashley’s Kassis Bros. Shoes has the solution — custom fitting for anyone who walks through the door. “An average initial fitting takes about half an hour,” says co-owner and store manager Steve Vettel. “We measure the feet and determine the type of foot, do a quick gait analysis, and interview the person about what type of activity they’re doing, then have them try on different sizes and styles.” As far as athletic shoes, the store carries primarily New Balance, but the difference between Kassis Bros. and the larger national chains is their dedication to stocking all widths of a shoe available, so that a customer can come in, have a fitting, and walk out with the shoes ready to pound some pavement. Contact Kassis Bros. at 556-6522 or visit them at 1890 Sam Rittenberg Blvd. or online at .

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