Tigeriss, SS Web, Skye Paige

When: Tue., Nov. 12 2013


Tuesday night’s show at the Sparrow will very likely be the one and only opportunity Charlestonians have to see Tigeriss. Not that this sasstastic, hard-rocking band is breaking up. Far from it. See, when the New York-based act first formed, the band members dubbed themselves Tigerpiss. They later dropped the name for all the obvious reasons. But now, they’re changing it back just in time for a new EP in January, the appropriately titled Bringin Back the P. Make no mistake, Tigeriss singer-bassist Lara Hope and company know how to keep it light. “Throughout our years as a band, we have tried to span all different types of song topics — and genres — from horror to drinking to a touch of love — or lust — and most importantly, we remember to never take ourselves too seriously,” Hope says. Case in point: “Full Moon,” the lead-off track to their 2011 debut LP, Everybody Wins! “‘Full Moon’ is our tribute to werewolves, although the lyrics aren’t completely pointed in that direction. This song has got a lot of power and dance-ability behind it, and it seemed like an attention-grabbing opener,” Hope says. However, Hope says Tigeriss isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.“People either love our sound and energy, or they don’t know what to make of it. It’s true that people are occasionally put off by the dirty-mouthed, loud frontwoman.” And that’s their loss. —Chris Haire TUESDAY

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