Tommy Edwards

If you want to buy shrimp from Tommy Edwards, make sure to place an order by 9 a.m. After that he’s usually sold out. Edwards sells in bulk, from 10 pounds up to 100. He welcomes customers to text him their order. Edwards says the only reason he’s in business is because people buy locally; word of mouth keeps him going. He started his operation 20 years ago with very few clients, and now he can barely catch enough shrimp to meet the demand. Edwards sells brown and white shrimp, heads on and off, that are so fresh sometimes they’re still kicking. He’s out on his boat, the Miss Judy Too, every morning at 3 a.m. and typically gets back on land by 3 p.m. He sells out of the parking lot of the Wreck of Richard and Charlene and will make a few deliveries to friends and restaurants.


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