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Hours: Serving lunch and dinner, Thurs.-Sat.

The culinary team behind Xiao Bao Biscuit offers this fresh take on the food of the subcontinent. The restaurant is set in an updated, expanded Charleston single and the quirky Indian-fusion dishes are locally sourced, veggie-forward, and always creative. While apt to change, diners can expect options like traditional cauliflower and potato-filled samosas, modernized with the addition of tart currants. Along with a black pepper curry hailing from Southwestern island neighbor, Sri Lanka, the menu includes Indian-style fish and chicken-based curries. Don’t miss the exceptional dosa, an impossibly crisp crepe-like creation filled with paneer cheese and topped with fragrant ground beef keema. —Vanessa Wolf (Dish, Winter 2020)

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Tu co-owners Joey Ryan and husband/wife team Josh Walker and Duolan Walker-Li serve up Indian food in Tu 2.0 — from chaats to snacks to breads to shared plates.

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