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Vamping it up at Vue

Scary pairs



Vampires and mortals alike got their Halloween started early at The Vue at Ripley Pointe’s Fangbanger’s Ball. DJ Moo Moo spun tunes for a crowd of couples in coordinating costumes: cop and prisoner, Barbie and Ken, and female versions of Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers. VIP attendees enjoyed their own bar area, but the line was often shorter at the “common people” bars. The dance floor was dead for the first couple of hours, but was filled with scantily-clad pirates and superheroes by 11 p.m.

Vampires were surprisingly scarce, but that didn’t keep party-goers from having a flirtatious good time, especially a few couples who looked like they liked to swing. Some people hung out on the deck overlooking the Ashley River, while those who dared danced on the stripper pole and in front of the shadow wall. We loved the Edward Scissorhands costume, but the Moonman goes to Kanye West and a cross-dressing Taylor Swift.

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