Wade Baker w/ Behind the Times and Bombadil

When: Fri., Aug. 15 2014

jazz, hip-hop, funk, grooves

Bombadil’s Daniel Michalak (piano, bass, harmonica) was diagnosed with neural tension in 2009. He and his fellow Bombadil bandmates — drummer James Phillips and ukulele strummer and pianist Stuart Robinson — had been playing their brand of vintage electric folk pop when suddenly Michalak’s motor functions failed him. He could barely move at all, much less play an instrument. “It was a sad time. I couldn’t do my favorite thing in the world,” says Michalak. After a slow recovery of tried-and-tested meds and home remedies, Michalak was ready to play again in 2011. By that time, their 2009 album release Tarpits and Canyonlands had never even been played live, and Michalak felt the album had gotten a second chance. Bombadil is now working on a new record, which will be a throwback — at least as far as the title goes. “We want to do something like they would do in the ’50s and ’60s, like Meet the Beatles! or Hey, It’s Stevie Wonder or something. Maybe we’ll call it We’re Back, Bombadil!” Michalak laughs. Bombadil’s Charleston show promises to be a quiet affair. “We don’t like loud music, so we sing without microphones,” Michalak says. —Kalyn Oyer FRIDAY

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