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  • opened on August 11, 2009
  • closed on August 19, 2009

What’s another gubernatorial perk abused by Sanford?

Raided the supply closet, taking all the blue and red ink pens for Tea Party rally posters.

6 votes (13.33%)

Used a state Blackberry to post frequent updates at the “missed connections” page on Craigslist.

8 votes (17.78%)

Hired Pat Conroy to ghostwrite all the wistful parts of the State of the State address.

2 votes (4.44%)

Had SLED agents hold his legs for keg stands on sorority row.

6 votes (13.33%)

Created a rabbit sanctuary after a particularly frightful viewing of Fatal Attraction.

No votes.

Got copies of “Learn Spanish with Rosetta Stone” for the whole office.

7 votes (15.56%)

Used satellite cameras and the Statehouse Christmas tree to send Morse code messages to his mistress.

No votes.

Purchased Appalachian Trail memorabilia on the state credit card before he realized he was caught.

16 votes (35.56%)


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