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Where to score alcohol-free cocktails around town

Alcohol free, baby


Holy City AF (alcohol-free) founder Brantley Saunders has a few favorite spots in town that boast robust/inventive spirit-free menus and drink options. Read about her story here, and check out where to score a delicious AF libation below:

Basic Kitchen

"Probably the best alcohol-free menu in town," says Saunders.

• Blueberry Sage Cooler: blueberry sage shrub, club soda, and blueberries
• Watermelon Spritz: watermelon, club soda, and Himalayan salt
• Turmeric Tonic: ginger, lemon, turmeric, and soda
• Tea Totaler: hibiscus, lemon, grapefruit, agave, and mint


• Limonata: house lemongrass-thyme soda

Le Farfalle

• Pineapple ginger beer, cucumber mint lemonade, blueberry kiwi shrub, blackberry basil soda

Oak Steakhouse

• Mocktail: watermelon extract, lemonade, fresh lime juice, sparkling water

Rappahannock Oyster Bar

• Sherry Temple: lemon juice, grenadine, sherry vinegar, soda
• Rozata: grapefruit juice, lemon juice, orgeat, barrel-aged bitters, soda
• Chili Bee: fresno, burnt honey, mint,citrus, soda

Spanglish Cocina + Bar

• Turnover Chain: coconut milk, all-spice, lime, pina

The Gin Joint

• Bartender's choice mocktail

The Macintosh

• Slow and Steady: cucumber, lemon, peach bitters, sparkling water
• Oui, Chef No. 2: cherry, lime, pomegranate, jalapeño, ginger beer
• Lemon Berry Spritz: seasonal berries, lemon, mint, soda

The Ordinary

• Probation Before Judgement: pecan orgeat, grapefruit, grenadine, strawberry
• Ginger Beard: ginger beer, orange, lemon, honey
• Garden Gnome: Seedlip Garden 108, dill, lemon
• Beau Thai Light: tomato, carrot, red curry, lime
• Seedlip NA Distillates (with soda or tonic): Spice 94, Garden 108, & Grove 42
• Wölffer Estate Sparkling Non-Alcholic Rosé: "Petite Rosé Verjus"

Vintage Lounge

"None on the menu, but they're really cool about making a mocktail for you," notes Saunders.

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