Whiskey Diablo

When: Fri., July 17 2015

country, jazz, 10 p.m.

After a great local response to Whiskey Diablo’s debut album, Wail & Serenade, the guys still aren’t sure what to expect while on tour. “In some towns and cities, people go ape shit, and then others we’ve felt like wallpaper,” frontman Patrick Blake says. “We played a show in a very small town that we felt like the crowd was not with us throughout the show, and then afterwards a large part of them bought our record and T-shirts. They asked to take their pictures with us, they bought us booze, and tried to convince us to join them in various illicit activities. It was quite bizarre. We’re just a rock ‘n’ roll band trying to go back to the hotel.” The band’s self-described gutter country sound is one that continues to evolve with each performance, and one that the band is prepared to showcase on their sophomore album, which they are busy working on. “I’m not entirely sure the signature sound was solidified on the first album,” Blake says. “We started recording it when the band was only three or four months old, and we’ve grown into something quite different than what it originally was. It’s still a rock ‘n’ roll band with a country twang and swing, but there are many more nuances and a lot more meat.” —Isaac Weeks FRIDAY

Price: $5

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