Poll Result:

  • opened on August 4, 2009
  • closed on August 12, 2009

Who is going without health insurance in Charleston?

The guy texting while riding his bike down Meeting Street.

20 votes (28.17%)

The old man trying to outdo Rocky on the steps of the U.S. Custom House.

2 votes (2.82%)

College students sunning in Marion Square (looking too healthy to need insurance).

11 votes (15.49%)

The pushy Don Juan, who thinks he has nothing to fear from pepper spray.

4 votes (5.63%)

The walker who thinks there are pedestrian paths on both sides of the Ravenel.

6 votes (8.45%)

The rainy-day driver who doesn’t think the water looks too deep on the Crosstown.

13 votes (18.31%)

The tourist antagonizing that carriage horse on the Market.

5 votes (7.04%)

The drunk girl convinced she’s not wasted enough to put up with your crap.

10 votes (14.08%)


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