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Hours: Open Daily: 8 a.m.-9 p.m.

Whole Foods is serious about locals. So serious that they hold a quarterly Looking for Local event where they invite producers in to meet with buyers and learn about the store’s quality standards. Director of Marketing Pam Fischette says the company is decentralized, allowing stores to make independent decisions that are right for them. Whole Foods also has a local producer loan program, which grants low interest long-term loans to local farmers. Every day, local farmers and fishermen deliver hundreds of local products to the back door of Whole Foods. Most of the produce comes from GrowFood Carolina and Joseph Fields. Fishchette’s favorite local foods include gRAWnola, Nicole’s Nutty Goodness, and local beers. Whole Foods makes it easy for shoppers to find local goods with clearly labeled designations of origin in every department.

Restaurant Details

Wide range of pre-prepared foods, cheeses, meats, wines, and bakery items.

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