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Wiggling hotties and lustful-looking gawkers at the HookUp Ball

A Risqué Scene



Armed with a small video camera — shirt tucked in, and not at all sure what to expect — I ventured into the Music Farm on Thursday evening (Nov. 6) to check out and document the HookUp Ball 2008 — a dance party and album release show organized by internet content and applications development company Avericom. While I didn't actually hook up with any of the wiggling hotties strolling through the room or the mini-skirted exotic dancers jiggling on the main balcony, I did get a kick out of the circus-like atmosphere. DJ Moo Moo and his crew pumped a variety of dance music — from reggae and James Brown to current Top 40 hits. At one point, Moo Moo quoted George Clinton, telling the audience, "Are we one nation under a groove, gettin' down just for the funk of it? Drinking some Miller Lite, trying to make a better America?" Alrighty ... A suit-clad radio personality nicknamed "Box" (The Drive at 100.5's afternoon DJ) delivered a colorfully foul-mouthed introduction for the featured act of the night, Lust After Love, a rock quartet making their official on-stage debut as part of the release of their new self-titled album. Lead singer/guitarist John Moseley and his crew sounded pretty heavy and together, but, judging by the looks of the parade of nearly-nude "hostesses" and the awkward groups of horny-looking dudes around the room, their grunge-tinged style seemed secondary to the lascivious and provocative scene. —T. Ballard Lesemann

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