Special Issues » 2011 Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

Wildlife of the Party



Watching a bald eagle snatch a defenseless bunny with its talons on the boob tube can't compare to watching a bird of prey up close and personal. At least that's what David Hitzig, executive director of the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, believes.

"It's one thing to watch a documentary. It's another to meet a bald eagle face to face," Hitzig says. If you've been to SEWE's Busch Wildlife show, you know what he's talking about.

Unlike the dusty ole lectures that put you to sleep in high school, the Busch Wildlife show is designed to be both educational and entertaining. Attendees of the show can expect to see a whole range of critters, from bobcats to foxes, crocodiles and rattlesnakes, and, well, quite possibly everything in between. "We hope to combine entertainment with education for an uplifting but extremely educational and worthwhile experience," Hitzig says.

The animal performers come from the Sanctuary's hospital in Florida, many of which have been injured by folks like you and me, often by accident. The organization hopes to educate the public about ways to help preserve our forests and streams and protect the animals that live there.

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