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  • opened on June 29, 2009
  • closed on July 8, 2009

You thought the hiking story was phony? The whole Argentina line is just as contrived. What really happened?

Actually sleeping with singing sensation and fellow emotional wreck Susan Boyle.

9 votes (16.98%)

John and Kate Plus Eight Plus Mark Minus Jenny and Those Boys.

6 votes (11.32%)

Could not suffer through awkwardly deciphering one more handmade Father’s Day card.

1 vote (1.89%)

Just doing what Tom Cruise and the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard told him to.

5 votes (9.43%)

Following Phish.

15 votes (28.30%)

Went to public speaking forum, left before the very important last lesson Wednesday morning. You know what happened next.

2 votes (3.77%)

Hired a professional for a few hours to explain the tea-bag euphemism firsthand. Took longer than expected.

15 votes (28.30%)


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