Yous Guys

Set amongst a jeweler, a seamstress, and a Brazilian wax spa, the cozy Yous Guys sandwich shop is brimming with Eagles and Penn State paraphernalia. Seating is limited to some outdoor tables, although there is a single chair available at the L-shaped wooden bar inside. Don’t waste your time thinking about what to get — order the classic. The star of the show and the likely reason one heads to Yous Guys is no doubt the classic cheesesteak. Filled with tons of shaved beef ribeye and layered with paper-thin sauteed onions and provolone, this O.G. is like a Mummers Parade in your mouth. Truth be told, and despite being raised by a man who keeps Cheez Whiz at the ready, my preference is “American with,” and it’d be swell if those guys would start offering all three. Still, when an authentic taste of Philly beckons, this is about as close as one gets south of the Mason-Dixon. —Vanessa Wolf (Dish, Summer 2019)


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