Doggy Daycare, Anyone?


What does your best friend do while you're away? Besides chewing things he ought not to, our best guess is that the little guy does a lot of lounging around in anticipation of your return. (You do, after all, hold the keys to the food container.)

Have you ever considered enrolling your dog in daycare while you bide time at work? Not only will he make new friends and learn all-important socializing skills, but his energy will be wiped out by the time you pick him up. All you'll need to do is go home, take a walk together, and snuggle in for whatever reality TV show is on that night.

If you haven't yet tried Paws in Paradise, go ahead and schedule some time with them before this deal is over. With the printed ad below, it's only $15 for daycare. Now that's inexpensive, considering all the said benefits, as well as knowing your buddy's well cared for during his time there.

Treat him. Treat yourself. Now sit and shake.