Angry love



I am a mild-mannered college girl who likes to wear cardigans and participates in a knitting club, yet i am a frequent road-rager. I love taking my daily frustrations out on the greater Charleston community, especially the downtown drivers. Out-of-towners watch out! My large SUV and its loud roaring horn will probably be on your ass later. If i am mad, i go for a drive. If I am happy, i also go for a drive. I love honking at absolutely any  mistake made on the road by another moving vehicle, even possible stationary vehicles. I love all of you that even take the risk of driving downtown, for the possibility of hitting a tourist that is staring up at buildings or can't see over their shopping bags is likely. I salute you drivers, who allow me to satisfy my horn cravings and my obscene comments in the car, so that I can maintain my "granny" appearance that I do hold so true to my heart. And let me finally say that I do not hate any of the drivers I come into contact with! I actually appreciate and love them more than they know.


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