Stupid breaches of English now out on DVD



I watch way too much local news, and I archive broadcasts that stand out-be it for content or errors.

This evening, Wednesday, May 13th a local powerhouse news outlet led with a story about people misperceiving a word on a children's CD distributed at a fast food purveyor.

The news anchors seemed to infer that perhaps there is something to the assertions of those who hear a "dirty word" where there clearly is not one.

This amuses me. Recently this very same station's news department was guilty of some rather stupid breaches of English.

The least egregious one I will address first. In a story that featured one of their reporters dancing at an Hispanic festival, the anchor called her moves "deft defying". This bastardized use of what I assume was the phrase "death defying" even made it into the stations website account! How many members of the news staff at that station went to college? I am sure all did. What ignorance!

Secondly, and more seriously on the morning of March 26th during the 6 AM morning news, at about 605 AM one of this same station's anchor women was reading  the account of a gasoline spill at Morgan's Creek, and instead of saying the word "neighbors" she clearly and concisely used the dreaded N-word! I have saved this on DVD and considered posting it on You-Tube. If it was not so sad it would be funny.

So...when that station rants about an alleged inappropriate word on a kid's CD it might be wise if they took a look  at their own track record first.


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