Gettin' ciggy with it


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I get so mad at the beach when I see people littering...It isn't limited to beer cans..Look at the plastic bags, fast food wrappers and butts...I'm talking cigarette butts.
Why can't these folks take their ciggy butt, place it in one of their empty cans...and then put the whole lot into a trash bag....And finally take the trash bag with you when you leave..
I've had it with the littering beachgoers...
Generally I'm pretty laid back BUT last year I started walking over to my fellow beach goers who I saw ramming their butts in the sand, letting plastic bags blow down the beach and other random litter..I walk over, politely of course, and suggest using the empty can as an ashtray..
I laugh and tell them WE clean up after them during Beach Sweep so I know what 1000's of butts look like trashed on the beach.
I enjoy a beer at the beach, I also enjoy{get the switches out, here comes the anti-nanny crowd] a smoke at the beach..I use an empty Altoid container as my ashtray....Then empty it in the big barrels on the way off the beach.
I've handed out quite a few containers for ashtrays to butt litters...
Never had a a problem with any of them getting huffy...
So don't just sit there and steam. Walk over and bust some butts!



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