Leaf chomping chess champ can still kick your ass



So recently, a friend and I were enjoying a competitive, yet lovely game of chess at our favorite local bar. After an hour or so, it became obvious that because I was spending more money than him getting drunk that he would be the inevitable victor. Humiliated, intoxicated and desperate, I resorted to the best comeback that I knew; "Yea, well I could kick your ass in real life!" Instead of taking a free pass on the high road, he responded with one of the most ignorant and socially important comments that I've heard in a while. "Yea right. I take karate and you eat salads, bitch." I will refrain from going into how ridiculous I think it is that he takes karate, "prolly with all those little kids" (Rick James) and stick to the more pressing issue; Vegetarians Are Not Pussies! Because I choose not to eat the disgustingly over-sized portions or genetically modified reprocessed corn substance that is meat in this country, does not make me less of a badass; just a smarter one. I believe this goes for all vegans, vegetarians and other better informed eating habits that when it comes to meat in this country, it may be a moral, health or even financial decision not to eat it, but whatever the reason, we're the ones eating our spinach. So watch your back.


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