Birthday biker bummer yields nice little curse



To the herd of cyclists riding south on King St. a couple weeks ago - About six of you were riding together, when all of a sudden one of you strayed from the pack... It was at the King and Calhoun St. intersection where one lane turns into two. I am assuming the young man who began swerving through traffic did not see my huge vehicle turning left (with my blinker on indicating I was turning left). I tapped my horn to warn you I was basically parallel with you, and other vehicles that followed that might crush your narrow-minded brain; all in hopes you would live to see another day. Being it was a gorgeous day outside I had my windows down, and as I passed you but a moment after I GENTLY tapped my horn I heard loud and clear..... "F'IN A**HOLE!!!" Now I'm not a huge "green freak," but I do appreciate your decision using your bike as a mode of transportation in our beautiful city. However, you unknowingly made my day (which of all days was the day I was born 25 years ago) pretty crappy following your two cents' worth on the situation. And worst of all, a couple weeks later I am still thinking about it.
You never know what your words will express to whom on any given day and in situations in which you have no control.
P.S. I hope you fall off your bike and have a minor injury.


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