College Cujo needs to eat its owners



Dear college folks across the street from my smith street house, I think you need to euthanize your dog. I'm under the impression that you've sectioned off the front room of your house so that the rabid dog you keep doesn't rip your throats out. This dog barks probably 6 hours a day and sounds like it is hungry for blood. It echoes through my house and down the street like a horror movie. I do see people go into your house. I don't sit on my porch long enough to see them leave, so I'm going to safely assume that you feed them to your flesh-hungry dog. I am guessing it barks because of every fucking college student that passes your home in the morning. I thought after a few months that it would get used to foot traffic but obviously not. I'm assuming you can't walk the pup because it would rip off someone's leg below the knee, judging by the way it feels about people walking by your window. I think all of Smith street between vanderhorst and calhoun would be a lot happier if you moved, euthanize your dog, or got eaten by the dog. I am not sure which would be better, but one of those options might shut your fucking dog up and leave us all in peace.


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