Womb watching paddle zapper empties wallet



I don't wanna get into something along the lines of our current national healthcare debate. Let's be honest, though. The healthcare industry has needed a good bitch slap for quite some time now. What a bunch of bullies when it comes to actual charges. I'll make my point using those damned ultrasound machines. It's over $800 a pop to use these jokers! That can't be right. A certain A-list celebrity recently bought one for roughly $800,000 and I bet it was "top of the line". So, let's say one is used only 5 times a day and only five days a week. At $800 a pop, they've paid for that #@!& long wooden mixing spoon %$#@ of a contraption in 10 months!!! Next time you have to have an ultrasound, at least fart on it while you're there.


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