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Hello my name is Bells and i'm an addict. Yes, I admit it I am an addict. My drug of choice is BookFace. Ohhhhhhhh Book Face, I love this thing. Have you ever been late to work because someone kept responding to your status updates during a heated conversation. Have you ever used BookFace as your main communication with your family. How messed up am I, I havent heard my families voice in years, but we talk everyday via BookFace. Where my like button on this this rant? Better Yet, where is the dislike button.
Whoa is me, its been 3 minutes 27 seconds since I last logged on. I think my mafia needs me for war. Who put that black sheep in my farm? Can we get a Fraternity life sinc eI can't be a Soro? I have to go BookFace needs me. I'll see you next week



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