Ink lover is no purse snatcher



I don't understand how it's called "southern hospitality" when people are so judge-mental. I understand it's the "conservative south" and all and that tattooing has only been legal in Charleston for a few years but dang. I have never seen so many stares and glares at the clubs before. Granted there are a few people who will ask me about my "ink" but it seems to only be guys, and unfortunately/fortunately...I'm not gay. It would be nice to have women actually smile and say hello instead of glaring at me like I'm satan when I'm out. I also don't like that old women clutch their purses when I walk by them, I'm the guy that's going to chase the criminal not the one taking you're freakin granny pursue with 73 years of crap in it. It would be nice to feel a little love in such an amazing city instead of looks of hatred. I'm sorry for being an individual who enjoys life to the fullest and may not conform to people's idea of what is "normal." So next time you see a person at the bars with tattoos smile...who cares if they are short, tall, fat, skinny, black, white or whatever...we're people too...even if we are inked.
P.S. "The Cupid Shuffle" must be stop playing it at "church"...thanks!

-Seth Gecko


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