No holey fish T's or tennis boots in my closet



What is up with the red neck assholes that seem to think any guy who took a bath, made an attempt at styling his hair, and dressed in some clothes that were recently sent to the cleaners, is gay. No I am not gay! I am sorry I didn't wear a T shirt with holes, along with my cut off camo shorts out tonight (Ok I really don't have any camo cut offs). Perhaps you could learn a thing or two here and not have to sleep with the beast you are hanging on. For future reference please try the following.
1. Shower before you go out for the night.
2. Try to find a shirt without holes, advertising, fish, or stains on it to wear out.
3. Shoes, so may issues here. Boots do not go with shorts, tennis shoes are for sports (and by the looks of your fat ass we know you don't play sports).
IF I was gay you would never have a chance
Even though i am straight I would never on a drunken dare sleep with that pig you are with!


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